Working in the UK

What a great experience for all those interested working in abroad!

However it might be a little difficult for the parents to feel confident about their offsprings adventures if they have no idea about the  opportunities available in the UK.

In the UK, they will have the better job possibilities, a great working environment, lucrative earning options, and a friendly and cooperative living environment.

If you are looking for some reasons to work in the UK, you can consider the followings.

It will feel like home

In the UK, you will have many similarities to home (for an American). If you stay there for a long time, it will be much easier for you to immerse in the culture. You will feel like a local very soon. If you are from a country that was under the British rule, then you will love this place. You will appreciate the culture and the living style. You will not feel like that you have come from a different country. Working in the UK will help you to explore the things that you might have heard from your elders.

Enrich your skills

It will enrich your skill. You will be able to accept more challenges as you will get a friendly environment to cope up with. You can come out of your comfort zone and can explore new things to achieve more in your life. You will be able to utilize your full potential as you will get more opportunities to prove your talent and to work with your best. There will not be any restriction in your mind.

Easy access to Europe

If you want to spend your vacation in the Europe, UK will be the starting point. UK shares the border with many European countries. Once you start living in the UK, it will be easier for you to travel the neighboring countries. You can visit Wales and Scotland that are technically the part of the UK. But you can find many new and different things in these places. Besides, you can travel through the direct rail line that links London and Paris and Brussels and London. Cheap flights are also available.

Better CV

Your resume will look good if you work in the UK. Working a few years in the UK can make a great difference in your resume. You will get lucrative job offers from different parts all over the world. It will be easier for you to choose the right in any of your preferred location. If you want to come back to your country after spending a few years in the UK, then you will not have to wait a long to get a job. Your resume can impress others. You can get better offers than those who are working in the same country.

Wide Network

While working in the UK, you will come in contact with the people from all over the world. Young aspirants across the globe come to the UK for the study and job. You can meet them and can develop your network. You can contact them even after coming back to your country. You will be able to make friends for a lifetime.

Most Important Things to Consider When Your Child Is Going Overseas

Watching your child decide to move away is stressful enough, and it can be even more so as they decide to travel and move outside of the country. However, I’d like to put some of those fears to rest and help you and your young adult feel prepared and informed about moving to the UK.

The most important thing to remember is for them to properly prepare for the trip – maybe with a little help from you Ohh and have some fun doing things in this “GREAT” British place!


There are so many variables involved in an international move that it can be hard to control. Even impossible. So it’s important to think ahead a bit to help your child to be prepared with solutions no matter what hurdles might they might need to deal with.

Get them to read from here on ….

Moving to the UK there are lots of important things to take into consideration. First remember that although the US and UK are similar in many ways they are also very different in others.


Probably most important is that in the UK things cost more, due to the conversion rate not being in US favor. This means you may need to bring extra money to make sure you have enough to get started there. It can also be helpful to make note of all your new clothing sizes and shoe sizes in the UK. Generally US and European sizes are displayed, but just knowing the basic conversions can make life a little easier.

Consider purchasing a couple of outlet converters (which are generally less expensive to in the US). They’ll want converters for all your electronics (for your cell phone and laptop especially). They should consider bringing most electronics that you’ll need with you as they will be more expensive in the UK.

Next, really prepare and be sure about where you are going. This seems like common sense, but many international travellers have fallen prey to being ill-prepared. This means researching travel routs and little things like knowing how to best do your grocery shopping and apartment shopping in the beginning (especially if you aren’t renting a car). The UK has a pretty extensive underground and overground rail system to allow travel between all the towns and cities in their country. Almost every town has a stop so you’ll be able to get around on the rail system and make things much easier for yourself as far as travel.


It’s important to try and pack light for international travel since you’ll definitely want to bring gifts and such back with you. Also think about the weather- it rains a lot more in the UK than most places in the US. Make sure you bring a good water-proof jacket for those rainy days. It is also a good idea to keep a small umbrella with you in case of sudden downpours.


Don’t let them forget the essentials either like passport, any visas you might need (working or student, etc.) and copies of all your important documents. You should keep a separate copy of your US Passport, Drivers License, bank statements, university letters (for students), visas, insurance policies.

One thing we were totally unaware of (which you need) is a national insurance number. Apparently this is for keeping track of your social insurance contributions, not that I can imagine my daughter living in the UK in her old age but it is something they need regardless.

Anything at all that you might need either in an emergency (something is lost/stolen or there is an accident or health issue) or for getting an apartment, bank account, or job (don’t forget to have a good copy of your resume). Having extra copies can be a life saver if something unexpected should happen. Another important thing to consider is the worst case scenario stuff. No one wants to think about their child being in mortal danger or extreme need halfway across the world, but it can happen. It’s far better to be fully prepared than ignorant, so set up a power of attorney if you’ll be out of the US for more than 2-3 months. This will help in case of emergencies or even getting your child’s license renewed on time. Also sit down to write a quick will and testament, especially if you have particular views about what will happen to your body after you die or what hospital treatment you are willing to undergo. Again, this is an ABSOLUTE worst case scenario and for shorter trips it’s probably unnecessary; however, it is always better to be safe than sorry. It doesn’t have to be extensive, just write down general guidelines and keep a copy at home with the family and one with you in the UK. This can also help if you need to have medical transportation back to the States. So if you’ll be living there for more than 6 months it’s a general good idea, just in case.

Keeping Passport Safe

Some other important travel tips would be to keep your passport on you whenever you travel. When you are in another country, treat it like your driver’s license in the states, but with 200x more value. You don’t want to have your passport lost or stolen while you are abroad if you can help it. So keep it with you and keep it hidden well. It’s also smart to take this same approach with any money and credit cards you have. Always keep some emergency cash on hand (in case you get stranded at an unknown rail station or some other emergency arises).

Also, it’s smart to keep cards and money in several different places on you. Pick pockets are in every major city of the world, and it’s just smart to keep valuables like that close to you. Carry a smaller handbag, keep a few euros in your shoe. Whatever method works for you, but just be careful not to carry valuable items in your back pocket or in a backpack where they can be lifted without you seeing the person’s face.

Place to Live

The UK has lots of different resources online and in their local newspapers for job and apartment searching. Apartment rent can be a lot more expensive in the UK though, so do lots of research and know what you are getting into long before you go. It’s important to get a head start on job searching there as well. Sites like Monster also operate in the UK, so again start looking long before you go.

Keeping in Contact

As far as keeping in touch while they are there, the easiest cell phone solution is having a SIM card. Cell phones with SIM card capability are more versatile for international travel, since you will only have to buy a new SIM card from the UK to be able to use your phone there. Phone cards can get expensive if you’ll be staying for an extended length of time, so if you don’t have a SIM capable phone and you’re living there long-term then you should probably purchase a pay-as-you-go phone. They are generally inexpensive and work great for exchange students. If you’re bringing a laptop with you research wifi spots and the cost of internet in the area you’ll be moving to. University campuses will generally have their own wifi as well as most libraries. But, just like in the US, there are other places you can visit to get a wifi signal and Skype the family at home. I recommend using Skype, FaceTime, or another program like it rather than using phone calling cards a lot if you can help it. You’ll save money and actually get to talk “face to face” that way.

Whenever you are traveling internationally it’s great for your young adult to do lots of research and be as prepared as possible before you go, but don’t be intimidated. The UK is full of helpful English speakers. Take advantage of the fact that they will know much more about things there and ask questions. They should try to make friends in your immediate neighborhood or at your university. It’ll help you feel safer and get settled in much quicker. As long as you try not to go out late at night by yourself (which most people wouldn’t do in the US either) then you should be fine. To be extra safe, travel with friends and make sure you have everyone’s cell number in case you ever get separated.

The UK is actually one of the safest places for US citizens to travel, so don’t stress out too much. Make sure they enjoy the adventure AND be smart and prepared. They will come back with life experiences that they will cherish forever.

Five Awesome Things to Do with Your Young Adult in London

London is a glorious city and especially for young people and their parents (if you get the chance to visit)! Although I am concerned just like many parents I am also super excited to visit and do some fun things together. While my daughter is living in London I plan to spend some time getting to know the city with her. Obviously the shared language makes the United Kingdom far less foreign than, say, Paris or Rome and in a way I think this also makes it more accessible to immerse yourself in the culture! Perfect.

Exploring London with your child is the best way to spend time together and learn more about the culture.


Here are some ideas I have been considering in an effort to become familiar with the city together.

  1. Take a Jack the Ripper tour

With the rising popularity of suspenseful British television shows such as Whitechapeland Ripper Street, Jack the Ripper has become back en vogue. Older boys especially will be attracted to the grisly storyline, while parents can take comfort in the historical aspects.

  1. Take in a football match

It is quite possible the young person is already a soccer fan, even if they do not follow the sport professionally. The football culture can be fascinating to Americans even if they do not quite understand what is happening on the field, or “pitch,” as they say.

  1. Get scared at the London Dungeons

Again, this idea is a bit grisly, but it is a rite of passage for many teenagers in the UK. The London Dungeons is a sort of haunted house based on real-life crimes that took place in London (such as Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street). For a teenager over age 16 or so, this might not be very frightening, but it is still interesting for all ages.

  1. High Tea

Whether you choose the Ritz, the Strand Palace Hotel in Covent Garden, or one of the countless other options for afternoon tea, this is not something you should miss. Young ladies might enjoy getting dressed up and making a real “event” out of the meal. Young men and women alike will almost certainly love the food.

  1. Use public transportation

Depending on what part of the United States you are from, a young adult might not be very familiar with public transportation. Many parts of the U.S. are so reliant on “car culture,” after all.

Still, do not allow an unfamiliarity with public transport to deter you from making us of London’s tube and bus system. Young people will no doubt think it is fun to ride a proper red double-decker bus, and that has the advantage of giving one a lovely view of the city.

The advantages of taking the tube include looking like a local and never having to worry about getting lost. Every tube stop has a name, so you are always somewhere. Public transportation has the added benefit of being affordable. London can be a rather expensive city, after all. Check out the Transport for London website for a journey planner.

Why it is such a great opportunity for a young adult to work in the UK (to UK from US)

UK-VisaLeaving your country and travelling abroad is an instant expansion of consciousness. For young adults, it is vital they experience life elsewhere. A young adult’s perceptions, empathy, general intelligence and more all benefit from going abroad.

Living and working abroad, instead of simply visiting, is truly an invaluable transformative experience. By building and growing understanding of the larger world early, young adults lay the groundwork for reaping massive advantages as they move further along in life and in their careers.

I did it and it is something I value highly enough to ensure my kids do it too!

The United Kingdom is an excellent country for young US adults to work in and broaden their horizons because, of course, the two countries share a language. The greatest hurdle to finding work and growing in another country can be mastering the language. The linguistic mother to US English, the UK’s version of English is quickly mastered by US citizens which goes a long way with employers. The interconnectedness between the US government and the British government is another plus. Concerned parents often prefer their young adults to land and live in the UK for a while precisely because the the countries are so linked.London, the UK’s largest city by a margin of about 6 million more residents than the second largest metropolis, hosts a range of creative industries looking for young employees. London is a world center for the music industry, the fashion industry and the contemporary art industry. The contemporary art culture alone in London is sufficient enough for young adults to enter the international art scene through its doors. In fact, London is one of the world’s few bonafide art capitals. For young adults with their mind set on a future in business, London is hard to beat. The city even overhauled it’s financial district with cutting edge construction projects to further solidify it as an international economic powerhouse.

To work in the UK you will need to apply for an National Insurance Number and a Work Visa. The NI Number or National Insurance number is possibly the most time consuming and frustrating part. You can go through the government DPW website but they only offer a phone number and after a few calls we started to look for a better way. Check out this website – It has specific info on how to get a National Insurance Number for people from overseas.

A visa for many is a challenge unless you have a parent or grandparent (as we luckily do) to get but the NI number is more time consuming but essential as it links you to the British taxation system.

Beyond London, the UK has twenty major urban centers where any number of employment prospects are extremely viable to a young US citizen eager to explore new lands. Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Southampton are all UK cities boasting large populations of over one million each within their center and outer areas. Manchester, in particular, is an ideal choice for young adults. The city is known for its thriving young adult scene. It is often called the most fashionable city in the UK which is quite a compliment with London as competition. The city is considered to be much more affordable for young adults as well. Finally, Manchester is the commercial center for the north of England which makes it a prime location for young adults looking to break into an industry.There is one more reason young adults and their parents should entertain living and working in the UK. The United Kingdom’s job market is rebounding much stronger than the US job market since the global market collapse of 2008. Young adults just entering today’s job market worldwide are facing tougher environments with intensified competition. Beginning adult life in the UK, today, can be a much more encouraging environment for young adults.