UK-VisaLeaving your country and travelling abroad is an instant expansion of consciousness. For young adults, it is vital they experience life elsewhere. A young adult’s perceptions, empathy, general intelligence and more all benefit from going abroad.

Living and working abroad, instead of simply visiting, is truly an invaluable transformative experience. By building and growing understanding of the larger world early, young adults lay the groundwork for reaping massive advantages as they move further along in life and in their careers.

I did it and it is something I value highly enough to ensure my kids do it too!

The United Kingdom is an excellent country for young US adults to work in and broaden their horizons because, of course, the two countries share a language. The greatest hurdle to finding work and growing in another country can be mastering the language. The linguistic mother to US English, the UK’s version of English is quickly mastered by US citizens which goes a long way with employers. The interconnectedness between the US government and the British government is another plus. Concerned parents often prefer their young adults to land and live in the UK for a while precisely because the the countries are so linked.London, the UK’s largest city by a margin of about 6 million more residents than the second largest metropolis, hosts a range of creative industries looking for young employees. London is a world center for the music industry, the fashion industry and the contemporary art industry. The contemporary art culture alone in London is sufficient enough for young adults to enter the international art scene through its doors. In fact, London is one of the world’s few bonafide art capitals. For young adults with their mind set on a future in business, London is hard to beat. The city even overhauled it’s financial district with cutting edge construction projects to further solidify it as an international economic powerhouse.

To work in the UK you will need to apply for an National Insurance Number and a Work Visa. The NI Number or National Insurance number is possibly the most time consuming and frustrating part. You can go through the government DPW website but they only offer a phone number and after a few calls we started to look for a better way. Check out this website – It has specific info on how to get a National Insurance Number for people from overseas.

A visa for many is a challenge unless you have a parent or grandparent (as we luckily do) to get but the NI number is more time consuming but essential as it links you to the British taxation system.

Beyond London, the UK has twenty major urban centers where any number of employment prospects are extremely viable to a young US citizen eager to explore new lands. Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Southampton are all UK cities boasting large populations of over one million each within their center and outer areas. Manchester, in particular, is an ideal choice for young adults. The city is known for its thriving young adult scene. It is often called the most fashionable city in the UK which is quite a compliment with London as competition. The city is considered to be much more affordable for young adults as well. Finally, Manchester is the commercial center for the north of England which makes it a prime location for young adults looking to break into an industry.There is one more reason young adults and their parents should entertain living and working in the UK. The United Kingdom’s job market is rebounding much stronger than the US job market since the global market collapse of 2008. Young adults just entering today’s job market worldwide are facing tougher environments with intensified competition. Beginning adult life in the UK, today, can be a much more encouraging environment for young adults.

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